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Logbook of «PS Narina»

Day 11

Air / Water temperature: 18°C (11°C at night) / 16°C

Wind direction / Bft: West-southwest / 4-5

Area: FINIS RAPAE (strong tides) – Nautical chart showing the route

Combuse: Turbot (800 g) break out intestines and gills, rinse and pat dry, salt and pepper, place in roasting pan. Slightly fry in a little butter until soft 2 sliced shallots, 1 diced yellow bell pepper. Deglaze with 2 dl white wine and 3 dl fish broth, add 1 bunch of parsley stalks, bring to boil and pour over fish. Cook fish in the oven at 200° for 15 minutes. Pass the poaching liquid through a finely meshed sieve, reduce it briefly on high flame. Season with salt and lemon juice, mix in 1 bunch of finely chopped chervil. Serve fish and sauce separately. (More recipes from the Chief cook of «PS Narina»)


This morning our boat went through rushes and reeds. The wind in the rushes in the harbour sounds quite different from the wind in a hazel tree – it’s rather like when the flags are made of thin, long silk bands, or like when one moves one’s hand gently in hay that is not yet fully dry. One must devise a typology for the tones the wind creates when it blows through different types of trees and grasses.

Now, I can see no more trees.

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First Publication: 30-11-2012

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